Terms & Conditions

Investment Opportunities:

  • The rental guarantee is for the first 12 months from the date the occupation certificate is received.
  • The guaranteed rental does not apply should you wish to live in the apartment and not rent it out.
  • This deal only applies if you give Rawson a sole mandate to rent out your property on your behalf.
  • The calculated costs are based on the current prime lending rate (7%) at the date of posting (1 March 2021).

To qualify for the R100 000 discount, buyers will need to complete the following criteria:

  1. Complete Buyer Profile to activate your discount on the price list
  2. Reserve your Unit
  3. Sign an Agreement of Sale and pay your 10% deposit within 7 days
  4. Get your finance approval within 21 days (natural person) & 35 days (company) from the acceptance of your agreement of sale.

The incentives and discounts are for a limited period only and are subject to:

  1. The Developer achieving sufficient sales and all other approvals necessary for the registration of The Tokyo to proceed;
  2. The Purchaser complying fully with all the conditions as contained in the Agreement of Sale without the Developer having to issue a breach notice. Should the Developer issue a breach notice, and in addition to any other remedies that the Developer has in terms of the signed Agreement of Sale, any value added to the unit as a result of the incentive or discount may at the Developer’s discretion be billed by the Developer and will be payable by the Purchaser on presentation of an invoice, or if the incentive is a cash amount the Developer may cancel payment of such cash amount.

TAX Incentives disclaimer

In order to claim the Urban Development Zoning (UDZ) tax allowance and/or incentive and/or deduction, certain requirements have to be met. The abovementioned listed examples may not apply in certain instances. The Developer, its representative and/or its agents, do not provide tax advice. All material in respect of the Development has been prepared for information purposes only and it is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax advice. Before concluding any transaction with the intention of making use of the UDZ tax incentive, the Developer specifically advises that a purchaser should consult his/her/its our own tax adviser. The Developer cannot be held liable for any loss, howsoever arising , in respect of the UDZ structure. Furthermore the availability of the UDZ structure to any purchaser is not a warranty, express, tacit, implied or otherwise, from the Developer in relation to the transaction.

Furthermore, kindly note that the UDZ tax allowance and/or incentive and/or deduction for The Tokyo is subject to and could be impacted by SARS amending the UDZ provisions after March 2023.

All images portraying The Tokyo development are artist impressions.